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Selva Antonio S.r.l. is an automatic precision turnery founded in 1954, producing turned parts of diametres between 3mm and 70mm from full or perforated alloy bars.

They are worked to a customer's specific design principally using various brass alloys (CW614N – CW603N – CW606N – CW617N – CW511L – CW626N) and low lead brass (CW510L).

Fewer details are made in aluminum alloys, free cutting steel and stainless steel
A production area of 2600 square metres is also made available to the customer, sharing structure and company capacity in the search for the optimal solution to the buyer's needs.

In our production there are also items that have complex processing cycles and particular technical difficulties that can be performed with the latest generation of machinery.
As a high-level contractor it operates 24 hours a day with a constantly growing CNC lathe machine stock that allow precision, reliability, competitiveness and punctuality in delivery times

Selva Antonio S.r.l. has been a certified company according to ISO:9001 standards since 2013.

In recent years, Selva Antonio s.r.l. has invested by expanding its production area by up to 2600 square metres, increasing the stock of its machines and also providing for the replacement of the more dated ones.
Some of these new production facilities are equipped with robots that work continuously and automatically on 24 hour cycles which take the production pieces, carry out the washing processes and the positioning of them on the blister.

Selva Antonio s.r.l. - Via Varca
Selva Antonio s.r.l. - Magazzino