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Parco macchine

In recent years, Selva Antonio S.r.l. has expanded and renovated its machinery which in 2022 consists of 45 CNC-lathes – with rod passage from 3 to 70 mm from solid or hollow bar (Biglia, Hanwha, Index-Imac, Citizen-Miyano) – and which will soon be enlarged with three new Biglia lathes complete with all the optionals.

All 45 CNC-lathes are equipped with IEMCA automatic loaders.
Some of these new production systems are equipped with a robot which automatically and in a continuous cycle picks up extremely delicate parts from the lathe, washes, dries and positions them on special supports from which they will then be picked up and placed manually on blisters, which in turn will be inserted, again manually, into the shipping boxes.

With a view to general quality improvement, the company has deemed it appropriate to replace the water-and-detergent parts washer currently in use with a new generation one using modified alcohol.

Parco macchine torni CNC
Parco macchine torni CNC