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Selva Antonio S.r.l. ensures the high quality of its products thanks to a set of operational instructions and measures to regulate the aspects of quality, the safety of its employees and their work, in order to ensure the efficiency of its own management system, in addition to an appropriate organization of its production departments.

Through standardized procedures, the management system regulates each step of the production process.

Commencing with the formulation of the offer to the customer, the processing of the order and the actual realization and verification of the finished product.
We then proceed with the washing operation, eventual blistering, packaging and shipping.

Storage is carried out in a modern vertical warehouse interfaced with our business management program.

Of fundamental importance are the phases of monitoring the production and the quality control of the finished products and for such operations only certified control tools are used, which are periodically reviewed, including a wide range of rings and tampons Mitutoyo optical machines, profile projectors, micrometers, roughenometers and durometers.

Macchina ottica Mitutoyo
Proiettore profili